Thanks To Those That Have Helped Me Make All This Happen!

-First & Most- My mother, Jean Smith for the faith and belief in me.

Always there with a kind word and the wisdom and knowledge of our elders.

-Tom Morgan and friend Bill-

I got the Morgan Hand Mill and help from Tom and Bill with no answers held back. If I asked a question, they took the time, and allowed me to figure out the issues to accomplish things to come up with the prefections to make a quality Rod worthy of the field.

-Chuck and Charlie-

At Charlies Sporting Goods in Albuquerque, they were a big help with knowledge and products, as well as appreciating what I have done here. Always had the time to talk and give thier idea and experance.

-Andy Linderkamp-

Long time friend and mentor. Andy and I built many a project togeather. A Stair Master, and abilities adaptable to most all situations of building. A prefectionist in his own right.

-To All The Other Rod Builders-

For the fellowship and offering of thier experances and knowledge, with the willingness to share thier time for such.


The team at i3dthemes is phenomenal. The support after purchase is better than any I have ever seen. Without thier online educational instructions and videos I would still be stuck with a messed up mess. As professional as it gets, # 1 in my book.



-What A Wonderful Trade

How many wish they could doing what Rod Builders are!!!