Rod Making Process

Bamboo Clum Preparation

Cross cut, usually to 6’, 4’ or 3’ lengths

Mark each cut relative from bottom to top.                                            ½-hrs


Hand split sections into 14 to 22 strips.

Mark each strip relative to its position & section.  

Keep each set of strips with its own section.                                         1-hrs


Sanding the sections.

File or sand excessive amounts from sides.

Remove & sand the internal node dams.

File and sand external nodes.                                                                 2 to 3-hrs                                   


Square and size the strips. 

Rough cut the sides to the width, different for each section.

Rough mill top & bottom to needed thickness.                                       2- hrs


Soaking in water.

2 to 4 hours, depending on how soft you need it.

If soaked to long, simply let it dry a bit.

Bundle and tie up if you’re stopping at any point.                                 2 to 4- hr 


Rough plain the strips.

Plane or mill the strips to create 60 degree triangle.

Butt and Tip will have different width & thickness.                               3 to 4- hrs


Heat treating the strips

Place strips, bundled or tied to extrusion in oven.

Bake @ 185 degrees for 35-55 minutes.

Checking the moisture content for proper percentage.                        1 to 2- hrs




Set planning form for taper of each section.

Check plane blades for sharpness.

Plane  each section. Re-set for each section.                                          4 to 7 hrs

Check all strips to prepare for laminating


Hollow plane at this point, if you’re going to.                                          4 to 7 hrs   


Strip blank laminating

Layout on paper, apply glue to strips Note: If you use URAC 185, make sure humidity is above 20% while drying.

Send glued blanks through binder, Roll and straighten bound blanks to take out twists & bends.  

Dry, 24 - 48 hr. cure time                                              3 - 4 hrs


Scrape and sand rod blank surfaces to remove binder cord, adhesive material and enamel.

measure and cut blanks to required length

straighten rod sections, use a little  heat if necessary                       3- hrs





Install ferrules.

Measure and mark ferrule stations on rod sections.

Size and turn respective ferrule stations to fit (by hand or Machine)

Clean all internal ferrule parts thoroughly 

Crown and feather ferrule tab serrations, clean again 

Allow 24 to 48 hours drying time.  2 to 3- hrs.

Lap & fit ferrules.  (Female to male slide)                                                   1- hrs




Varnish and finish preparation.

Sand and clean blanks dust free.

First coat, dipped or hand rubbed, always allow 2 to 5 days drying time.

Lightly sand, and clean dust free.

Repeat for total of 3 to 5 coats                                                                1 to 2- hrs


Determine guide spacing.                                                                          ½ to 1- hrs


Install hardware

Find the spine in the rod.

Install guides on stiff side for longer cast, or soft side for accuracy.

Install the Reel seat, grip, winding check.

Attach the tip-top last.                                                                                1 to 2- hrs


Determine guide spacing.                                                                            1 to 2- hrs


Attach line guides and hand-wrap all thread windings.                           4 to  7- hrs


Coat/seal all thread windings.

Clear wraps,  apply 2 coats of CP to thread windings.

Apply 3 to 6 coats, process varies from maker to maker, place to place.

Also depending on the climate! Test on something first before doing the rod!

Translucent wraps, 2 coats of diluted solution.

2 to 3 coats of undiluted solution.

2 coats per day, maybe? Always allow at least 12 hours, preferable 24 to 36 hours between each coat.

                                                                                                           5 to 7- hrs


Signing the rod                                         1- hrs


Final coats of varnish/ urethane. Allow 7-10 days for finish to "semi-cure".

         Full curing time for most varnish products is typically 1-½ to 3 months)           

                                                                                                                               2 hrs

43hrs to 55hrs plus


Final rod inspection.


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