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The Bait Caster

September 16, 2010

The Bamboo Bait Caster is for those who like Bass fishing. There are two styles that come in 6' length. The light weight is for the small mouth and other light weight fish. The heavy weight is, well for the heavy weight fish "use your imagination". This one is Handcrafted from solid Honduras Mahogany with a fitted hand triger grip. Inlaid with 14 kt.gold and Mother of Pearl.


About SweetRock RodSmiths:

MasterWoodSmith-Bruce Smith


Since 1962, learning from the elders and self-education

Became Grandmaster Woodsmith July 16, 1994 at age 45

As a fisherman and fly tier, the facination of bamboo rods became an affliction! Countless years of investing every spare $$$ from my humble viewpoint, building up tools, equiptment and hand making the tools of the trade, and learning the trade. The dream from the Origins of Angling Traditions, the honor of creating Handcrafted Splitcane-Bamboo Fishing Rods came true!

Why Bamboo?

Elegance and Artistry


Tonkin Split-Cane Bamboo or "Arundinaria amabilis"-"The Lovely Reed". Handcrafted by Rodsmiths, each Clum goes through preparational phases of spliting, roughing, heat treating, tapering, laminating, sanding, varnish, installing hardware and the final inspuction.

demoBamboo fly rods, going back to the 1920's in China, are reawakening within the fly fishing community for obvious reasons. The distinction and tradition of Heirloom quality craftsmanship is for a lifetime and passes to the next generation!

Ball Cap and Shirts

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Ball Cap

Price: $19.50


If you purchase a new rod you will recieve a cap at no charge!

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Polo Shirt

Price: $24.00


This shirt is light and comfortable!

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Fishing Shirt

Price: short sleeve-$89.95


You'll love this shirt, very comfortable, worth the price, nice!!!

product image Fishing Necklace

Price: $39.00

No need for a bulky vest, wondering which pocket you put it in

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Price: $9.99

Description: Product details go here

product image Product Name

Price: $9.99

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