The History of SweetRock RodSmiths

How the company came to be!


The Bait Caster

September 16, 2010

The Bamboo Bait Caster is for those who like Bass fishing. There are two styles that come in 6' length. The light weight is for the small mouth and other light weight fish. The heavy weight is, well for the heavy weight fish "use your imagination". This one is Handcrafted from solid Honduras Mahogany with a fitted hand triger grip. Inlaid with 14 and Mother of Pearl.


About SweetRock RodSmiths:

MasterWoodSmith-Bruce Smith


Since 1962, learning from the elders and self-education

Became Grandmaster Woodsmith July 16, 1994 at age 45

As a fisherman and fly tier, the facination of bamboo rods became an affliction! Countless years of investing every spare $$$ from my humble viewpoint, building up tools, equiptment and hand making the tools of the trade, and learning the trade. The dream from the Origins of Angling Traditions, the honor of creating Handcrafted Splitcane-Bamboo Fishing Rods came true!

Why Bamboo?

Elegance and Artistry


Tonkin Split-Cane Bamboo or "Arundinaria amabilis"-"The Lovely Reed". Handcrafted by Rodsmiths, each Clum goes through preparational phases of spliting, roughing, heat treating, tapering, laminating, sanding, varnish, installing hardware and the final inspuction.

demoBamboo fly rods, going back to the 1920's in China, are reawakening within the fly fishing community for obvious reasons. The distinction and tradition of Heirloom quality craftsmanship is for a lifetime and passes to the next generation!

About SweetRock RodSmiths

SweetRock RodSmiths

Is owned by Bruce Smith. Bruce has been a professional Woodsmith for over 40 years and became a Master Woodsmith in the fall of 1978. He recieved the title of Grandmaster Woodsmith in 1994 at the age of 45, being the fourth youngest to ever get the honorary title. Enjoying the Country living outside the small community of Edgewood NM, Bruce simi-retired in 2009, from the work force to build a small shop dedicated to Rod Making and has enjoyed the fishing in New Mexico.

Already having gained all those years of knowledge and experance in working with woods, metals, bamboos, finishing, tool design, and more, made the artistry of Rod Making a straightforward transition. The intricacy was easier for him due to his experance working in tollarances. It was still problematic and not trouble-free. The effort and complex process of desigining and making the specialty tools and equiptment. Which he made himself (Not store bought), and collecting all of the products, hardware etc., took almost a year. Getting the finishes down to a process alone took some time.


The Growing Years:

Learning Web Site building to setup, edit and manage this site took weeks of work. Would much rather be in the shop doing what I know best. But it was worth every moment to say I did this myself, such a feeling of gratifaciton, as well it turned out pretty neat, ya think!!!

Where SweetRock RodSmiths is going:

GOING TO MAKE RODS, that's where. And than going fishing more, that's where. Already have made fourteen rods, keeping the first five for show, and some orders on the table. As I take the time it needs to do it right, I prioritze on the order that comes first. By doing one at a time is not my way. I can work on up to four to seven at the same time. Why, well, one example is that say it takes 24 hours for a just glued (I use URAC 185 resin adhesive) blank to set-up and dry before it can be scraped and sanded, I can do stuff on another rod during that time. It can take one to seven days for a coat of varnish on the blanks or the wrapings to dry enough for the next coat. Coats vary from three to five per. You can get a goodly amount of work on other rods done in that space of time. Meaning that if you have the second or third in line, yours will come to you sooner. FYI, a quality rod and finish can not be done in 40 hours, it takes six to 15 days alone to properly do the finish right. As in any business there are always some who have to play games, you know what I'm saying. My promise is to be straigh up and honest, as long as you are understanding as to what it takes to build a rod into a piece of art. This is why I have a 100% money back guarantee. You can order traditional styles or use your imagination to create your very own personalized custom Fly rod, Bass rod, Spin Cast Rod, Combination Fly/Spincast Rods and even Saltwater Rods, Ice Fishing or Trolling Rods.

A Final Note:

So many, including myself, think when they find a web site, that all that is advertised there is in-stock and on the shelf. Please do not think that I am a store or a supplier. Not even my suppliers always have what I want or need on thier shelves and I have to deal with that putting me behind. I try to be able to order enough in advance, but at times I get put back also by the suppliers, this puts my building process back. Please be understanding! I like to tell everyone that I like to promise that I will get their purchase to them within 8 weeks from the order time. 98% of the time I do complete it in time. This is why some makers tell you 6 months to cover for these kinds of misshaps, without telling you and use this game to cover up the fact that they do not keep all the items in stock, duh! Honesty and integrity go a lot further. Most of my suppliers are well stocked, but at times I get my orders and behold, I find a back order item (like a #3 guide) and go "oh! what is this".




Build your own Custom Rod!

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Choose The Rod Seat!

Uplock or downlock, insert.


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Choose the Style and Type of Grip!

Style = shape

Type = Cork, Wood, Bark or Leather


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Choose the guide and tip color!

Chrome, Bronze, Titanium(black)


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Choose the Silk thread color.


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Choose the Rod tube color.

Brushed Aluminum, Black, Green or Blue

Or upgrade to a custom hand made wood box! A real personal touch!